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Where did you just "Bag It"?

  • The Guslers

We’re asking our Oak Hill on Love Lane guests where they just “BAGGED IT”! But we’re adding a little white twist on it…

When we opened Oak Hill on Love Lane Bed and Breakfast 5 years ago, our zealous efforts to impress our guests apparently included over feeding them! 

We served a full 3 course breakfast, including a large fruit course, full entrée and then a sweet course. With moans and groans as we served the 3rd course, we quickly realized it may have been a little too much food. Guests kindly asked, “Can you just bag that for us?” 

And that is exactly what we started doing. We intentionally make our 3rd course portable and automatically wrap and bag them for consumption later. Over the years, we’ve taken a lot of ribbing and teasing over those little white bags. “What’s for lunch today?” or “thanks, Mom”. That is until the afternoon slump or they’re out hiking and the hunger pangs start! And then they just can’t get into those bags fast enough! Many say that we serve such a substantial breakfast, the little white bag gets them right through until dinner.

  • Lisa and Jeff
  • Jason Selwyn Wishnefsky

So now, we’re asking our guests to photograph where they “bagged it”.

Maybe it’s relaxing on a rock in front of a waterfall, high on a mountain top with breathtaking vistas in the background, or in front of an old building that was significant to their childhood. Guests are urged to be creative and we’re looking forward to photos taken all over Western North Carolina. These photos will be posted on our web site and on our Facebook page. Not only will they showcase some of the activities available to guests visiting Waynesville and the North Carolina mountains, but show the beauty that surrounds us here.

Paula and Billy actually took their bag down Sliding Rock!  They assured us that no muffins were harmed in the process.

  • Paula Billy Moore Sliding Rock
  • Abby at Cataloochee Valley

The beautiful Abby Bagged it while viewing the elk at Cataloochee Valley.  

Babs, who has been with us many times to celebrate her birthday, saved her muffins to enjoy in her garden back home.  This year, Babs and Hiram were so kind and brought US the birthday present.  Thanks for the veggies from the garden.  The soup was awesome!  And Happy Birthday, Babs.

  • Babs Final Bite
  • Ditellas golf at Cataloochee

Pat and Phil enjoy and occasional getaway and love mountain golf.  This year they played the Sequoia National Golf Club in nearby Whittier NC. Beautiful backdrop!

Worth and Charlain shared their goodies with the valet at The Grove Park Inn.  Very nice gesture.

  • Worth & Charlain at Grove Park
  • John Carolyn Beisel at Atlanta Aquarium

John and Dr. Carolyn said "We "bagged it" at the Georgia Aquarium after a long wet ride on the Electroglide Harley-Davidson motorcycle on the big highways in the rain from your B&B!" They hit almost every scenic road in Western North Carolina during their stay and experienced almost every weather scenario...including snow!  You Canadians are tuff!!!

Leslie Ann "bagged it" with her boyscouts at Daniel Boone Scout Reservation in Canton NC.

  • Leslie Ann w Boy Scouts
  • Phil w squirrel (2)

Phil bagged it in front of a furniture store sign...an obvious reference to our love/hate relationship with our squirrels here at Oak Hill?

Lindsay shared her goodies with the Blacksmith at The Biltmore Estate.  Blacksmithing has been in his family for over 437 years!

  • Lindsey w Biltmore Blacksmith
  • Scotty Allison at Biltmore

Like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OakHillonLoveLaneBandB) or check out our web site to see what our guests are doing and where they “Bagged It”...

...like Allyson who bagged it at The Biltmore Estate.  Those goodies will certainly come in handy after a long day walking the magnificent grounds.

Linda and Rick "Bagged It" in front of the Imperial Hotel in nearby Canton.  Linda grew up in Canton and went back to visit her childhood home. 

  • Linda - Rick Blackledge
  • Charlie-Pat Belch

Charlie and Pat enjoyed their bag while taking a leisurly stroll around Lake Junaluska.  The lake provides a beautiful backdrop for just under a 3 mile walk.  And it's just 2 miles from Oak Hill!

DeAnna, Steven and their adorable daughter Maddison were here from Florida recently for a wedding.  They ate their muffins on the way to the airport in Greenville SC.  Great sunrise, DeAnna!

  • DeAnna Greenlaw
  • Selwyn W

Selwyn and Jason Bagged It in the Pisgah National Forrest.

  • Jason Wishnefsky

Best place to enjoy their snack...in front of a waterfall, of course!


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