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A special Mother Daugter getaway - 3/5/11

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Carla and her daughter, 10 year old Janessa visited today, and were on a very special mission. Janessa has been missing her great-grandmother who spent her entire life up here in the mountains of WNC and wanted to place flowers on her grave. Janessa also brought along a little white teddy (gifted to her by her great grandmother) appropriately named "Granny" for assistance. The dilemma was that neither Carla, nor her husband could remember where Granny was buried. The only information we had to go on was her name, the year she had passed and a funeral home whose name started with a "W". So we went to work.

Shell pulled up all of the funeral homes here in Waynesville and, the only one beginning in W was Wells Funeral Home on Main Street. We called them and yes, they did have record of Granny's funeral in 2009. Their records indicated that she was interred in the Davis Cemetery. The directions given were somewhat vague, so Janessa, "Granny" and I began our research on Bing, all the while; Janessa regaled us with her very vivid memory of the funeral. It's amazing how much kids retain! With such a good description of the cemetery, we opted for the bird's eye view and within a few minutes, we found it! As so eloquently described, it was a very small, very old plot of ground just off of Cove Creek Road. The bird's eye view helped us identify a few key landmarks (very important up in the mountains), and off we went.

Like in the movies, it was a drizzly, overcast morning. The mist hanging morosely over the mountain tops. With our directions, and Janessa's excellent memory, we made our way up Jonathan Creek to Cove Creek Road. Thankfully, we had our visual landmarks in mind, or we would never have found the tiny, one lane dirt road up to Davis Cemetery. It was a beautiful little setting, atop a small rise, overlooking a breathtaking valley. A bouquet of fresh white flowers in hand, Carla and Janessa...and the little white bear, made their way to the gravesite to spend a few precious minutes with their loved one.

Occasionally we are honored to witness cherished moments in our guests' lives, as we did today. Sincere thanks to Carla and Janessa for allowing us to be a very small part of this very important moment in their lives.

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